Do Pressure Washers Explode Easily


Pressure washers are an incredibly useful tool for cleaning the outside of your home. They can clean brick, concrete, stucco, and many other surfaces with a pressure stream that leaves no streak. But some homeowners worry about the risk of a potential explosion.

The short answer is: Yes, pressure washers can catch fire from an electrical arc when they run too long or are dropped.

However, there is another information; Yes, pressure washers can explode if they are dropped into water or submerged in it. These machines have exploding gas tanks, which are often made of plastic. When they’re turned on, the pressure built up inside them creates a sudden spark and fire in the tank (which is very likely to burn through). It’s important to know that this scenario isn’t limited to a single type of gas tank — all gas tanks will do it when they’re under enough stress.

This risk is only present if you run your pressure washer in water. Running it on the ground won’t create an electrical arc, so don’t worry about dropping one into your swimming pool or accidentally running it into the washing machine while you’re at it.”

Fortunately, pressure washer manufacturers have taken steps to make their units safer. The blades are designed with a safety mechanism that prevents them from spinning if they’re overloaded or if something gets stuck in the pump or nozzle.

However, some people have been injured by accidentally blocking the spray tip with an object such as a plant pot or a piece of wood. Others have been injured by using too much water pressure or not turning off their unit before cleaning an area.

Since these devices are so dangerous, it’s important to know how to use them safely. If you want to become a licensed pressure washer mechanic and work on these units, you’ll need to become certified through one of two organizations: The National Industrial Safety and Health Association

Why Would a Pressure Washer Emit smoke?

Pressure washers have a lot of moving parts, and they can sometimes stop working. If your pressure washer is still under warranty, it’s worth checking out the cause of the smoke. But if it’s out of warranty, it might be time to consider replacing it.

Here are the most common causes of smoke from a pressure washer:

  • Clogged filters. If you’re using a standard, simple electric pressure washer, you’ll need to periodically clean its filter. These are usually found in the hose between the engine and the pump, and are usually fairly easy to access by removing a knob on top of the engine. When you run water through them without cleaning them, they can get plugged with debris and stop working properly.

In that case, you’ve got two options: Either buy or make your own replacement filters, or get your pressure washer serviced by a professional who has access to some kind of cleaning kit.

  • Low oil levels. A pressure washer’s engine needs regular maintenance to keep running smoothly — and having too little oil isn’t good for it either.
  • The engine has a problem. This can be caused by worn-out parts or contaminated oil. If the engine has a problem, it could cause the water pump to slip, causing the engine to overheat and emit smoke.

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