Candle Wax Melter – Complete Guide


Candle wax melter is a small stylish pot used to melt the scented candle pieces. Unlike other candle-burning pots, these pots indirectly heat the perfumed candle pieces to make the air fresh and aromatic.

These wax melters are available in different designs, from traditional flammable pots to electric melters. If you have not bought a candle wax melter till now, here is a guide that will help you to buy the right wax melter.

But first, let’s find out some benefits of candle wax melters!

Why Wax Melter?

Many people who are unaware of the presence of wax melter are still using the same traditional way of burning the scented candles at home. Here is why you should replace your traditional method with these melters;

· Safety Purposes

The wax melters are quite safer than the direct burning candles, which are unstable with the risk of fire breakouts. You might be thinking about how the wax melters are safer when they also use flames to melt the candles.

Well, the wax melters are specially designed with an enclosed flame that prevents anything from touching the flame and reduces the risk of burning the other things.

To further reduce the burning risk, now electric wax melters are available on the market.

· Better Aroma

The direct burning of aromatic candles changes the aroma due to the mixing of burning smells. However, as the wax melters indirectly melt the candle pieces, it provides a better and more refreshing scent.

· Aesthetically Appealing

The wax melters are available in classy and chic designs. These warmers enhance the aesthetic of the place with a soft aroma. You can purchase these inexpensive pots for decoration purposes even if you don’t want to melt the wax.

Things to Consider While Buying the Wax Melter

If you are thinking about purchasing a wax melter, here are some factors you should consider;

· Electrical or Flammable

The wax melters are available in two options flammable and electrical. Both of these types have their own pros and cons.

If you want aroma and aesthetics at the same time, flammable pots are highly recommended for you. These melters are available in beautiful, stylish designs.

In contrast, the electric melters are safer than flammable ones, but these are not as aesthetically appealing as the ceramic ones.

· Size

Both the electric and flammable melters are available in different sizes. Usually, the size of electric melters doesn’t matter a lot, but you can choose the large flammable melter to make them more visible.

· Cost

Both types of wax melters are available in different price ranges. The electric melter is more expensive than the flammable ones, but variable options are available in both based on the features and size of the melter.

So, while choosing the wax melter, ensure to determine your budget and then get one.

Where To Buy?

There are a lot of different brands and websites that offer wax melters. However, for innovations and flexibility, check, from where you’ll get a massive range of both electric and flammable wax melters at different prices.


The wax melter is cheap but can be a pretty amazing addition to your room. Get rid of the traditional candle-burning method and bring a chic and classy wax melter at home.


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