Top Brazilian Hair Characteristics Everyone Should Know


Human hair bundles are usually made up of hair donated by real human beings. The hair bundles are usually named depending on the donor’s origin. The most popular human hair bundles are brazilian hair bundles. This post discusses Brazilian hair characteristics everyone should know of.

Top Brazilian hair characteristics

The market features a wide range of hair types based on their origin. However, Brazilian hair stands out because of its incredible characteristics. Below are the top Brazilian hair characteristics;

1. Texture

The word texture refers to the visual or surface characteristics of a property. Texture refers to hair’s physical appearance and surface elements in the hair universe. It also refers to how the hair feels when you touch it. Hair can either be smooth, rough, or silky but note the difference depends on its origin. Brazilian hair is known for its luxurious texture, naturally soft and attractiveness. The hair texture blends perfectly with most natural ethnic hair textures.

2. Volume

Hair volume refers to the thickness of hair on your head. Hair with low or minimal volume usually lies flat on the head. On the other hand, high-volume hair usually appears thick and puffy. Hair volume can also be defined as the fullness or thinness of hair. Hair manufacturers use several hair bundles when making wigs to ensure  Brazilian hair is known for its volume. One pack of Brazilian hair provides more volume than two packs of Indian or synthetic hair. Therefore, you can use one pack of Brazilian hair bundles to create a voluminous weave or wig.

3. Curls

Brazilian hair bundles are naturally wavy. This means that their curls are not deep. However, one of the best things about Brazilian hair is that you can play around with different curls. This hair type is easy to style and strong enough to handle curling using a curling iron. While Brazilian hair also comes in straight patterns. However, even straight Brazilian hair is not usually bone straight. It tends to have light waves in it. It is also worth mentioning that Brazilian hair can hold curls for several hours.

4. Versatility

Another quality of Brazilian hair is that it is highly versatile. It comes in a wide range of colors. This means that you do not have to color or bleach the hair. You can find naturally colored Brazilian hair in various shades. The hair also comes in varying curls. It comes in wavy, straight, and curly patterns.

5. Durability

Durability is also among the common Brazilian hair characteristics. The hair can last up to a year. However, this depends on how well you care for the hair. It also depends on its construction and authenticity.


While there are numerous Brazilian hair characteristics, authentic Brazilian hair is rare. This means that finding genuine Brazilian hair is hard. Most of the Brazilian hair bundles on the market are usually inauthentic. Manufacturers label steamed Indian hair and pass it off as real Brazilian hair. Genuine Brazilian hair is rare. This is because not so many Brazilians donate their hair. Therefore, authentic Brazilian hair bundles are usually expensive.

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